Final Fantasy VI is Coming To Steam

Here comes another Final Fantasy port, Final Fantasy VI for Steam.

One of the best games in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy VI, is making its way to Steam next week.

Final Fantasy VI is always considered a classic of the series as it was the last of a Final Fantasy era with Final Fantasy VII taking a drastic step away from 2D and Nintendo. A couple of different versions have been released since the original on the SNES to the more recent mobile version.

The version coming to Steam is the more recent mobile version which disappointed fans of the original because of the “smoothed out” graphics. The Steam version will also have a more fluid active-time battle system as well as Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. If you still want to play the original version it can be downloaded on the Wii U. Trailer below:

Relive the game but with some differences on 16th December 2015.

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