Favourite Pokémon rumours growing up

We take a look back at our favourite playground rumours about the Pokémon games!

It’s Friday and social media states that we should share flashbacks on Friday’s, because Thursday just isn’t enough time to go down memory lane! With the original Pokémon turning 20 this year, and the buzz of the Sun and Moon news, I thought it would be great to look back on my favourite playground rumours surrounding the Pokémon games!

Holding Down + B helped you catch Pokémon EVERY TIME!

Pokéball catching a Pokémon

Ahhhh the infamous holding the down and B buttons rumour, it was believed that this combination would convert the catch rate of a simple Pokéball into that of a Master Ball. Now you probably heard a different variation depending on your location, but whether it was pressing buttons in time with the nudges or holding a completely different set of buttons, the outcome remained the same… IT DID NOTHING! Now I’ll admit I still personally do this; though it’s more hold everything down (including the 3DS triggers) because one time I didn’t and I didn’t catch that darn Abra, so better safe than sorry! Still superstitions aside, holding or pressing any combination of buttons doesn’t affect the catch rate in any shape or form but I guess a little placebo effect didn’t hurt anybody?

The Lavender Town music KILLED people

Creeposzoid warning here, I loved Lavender Town. In fact, this little Pokémon rumour spurred me to love the ol’ ghost town even more… I was actually a pretty creepy kid despite being a mega wuss now. I always found the song for Lavender Town really soothing, which I think is fitting for those who have lost their nearest and dearest Poképals. But then horror struck as some kid’s-friend’s-sister’s-half cousin’s-dog had heard and told them of the news that the tune had killed thousands of Japanese children! Personally, this only created curiosity around the town and track and it’s clear I wasn’t alone. You can find many videos and articles trying to decipher if there was any truth to this “news story”. There are even file uploads claiming to be the original track but all have been debunked. I guess the rumour was just that… a rumour? Or maybe the government is covering it all up and doesn’t want us to find out their little experiment?

You can find Mew under a truck, I swear!


Everyone wanted to get their hands on a Mew, and when the news started to circulate that it was indeed possible it wasn’t long until crazy theories started to spread like wildfire. The most ludicrous but definitely one of the greatest rumours was that Mew was hiding under a truck near S.S.Anne and you had to push the truck to discover it. I mean that entire sentence defies Pokémon gameplay in every shape and form! We could only ever move boulders (and that’s still the case) so why people thought you could move other inanimate objects was beyond me. So naturally I didn’t attempt to find the truck, but many others have and it is well documented on the internet. Alas, all these investigations only prove that this rumour was a dud, so you can call up that lying playground friend of yours and shout at them for wasting your time and potentially breaking your copy of Pokémon!

Bill’s Secret Garden

Bill's House

I’m honestly glad I wasn’t the only person that believed in this… Bill must of had a secret garden with loads of rare Pokémon hiding behind his house! Why else would there be a gap there? Bill’s garden also contributed to the Mew theories, with many believing he was holding one there. Obviously, we all now know it was a graphical limitation – they couldn’t have roofs layering over the mountain texture, but darn that sparked a lot of children’s imaginations. Now people focus on theories about Bill himself, such as, he is actually a part of Team Rocket!

So there we have it, a brief look back at all the lies we were told by our fellow associates back in the day. Something missing? Let us know your most memorable Pokémon rumours in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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