My favourite Overwatch characters

Theres a whole bunch of Overwatch characters and most of them are pretty likeable!

Overwatch is taking over the world by storm at the moment, but which of the character list stands out the most?

Characters are a huge part of a game, especially a game like this that needs players to connect and enjoy them, as there really isn’t any story to the game. So here we are, in no particular order my favourite Overwatch characters based on their design, personality and play.

Bastion Overwatch


Okay lets get this one out of the way first. I know why so many people hate Bastion. When he gets out his minigun and he is in a good position all hell breaks loose, even the most inexperienced Overwatch players can cause massive damage to the opposing team. People think his gameplay is cheap, although his character design really appeals to me!

How could you not love this robot? He doesn’t really talk he makes bleeps and chirps, he transforms into a formidable tank and he has an odd friendship with a cute little bird! Away from all the hate this guy gets I think Bastion as a character away from ‘cheap gameplay’ is really underrated.

He is actually really fun to play as in the game! This was the first character I picked and he really got me addicted to Overwatch to begin with.

Tracer Overwatch


Originally I HATED Tracer, she came across as a nippy, annoying, young cockney girl. Every second of every match was her whiney voice, being annoying and saying random english stereotypes one after each other.

But then I tried to look at her with an open mind. I had a nosey at some of her skins/costumes and found one where she looked like an old fashioned punk, leather jacket, studs, the lot! With me being a punk back in the day I decided to give Tracer a go and now most matches I will play as her.

Her abilities make for some of the funnest matchers I have ever played in any multiplayer shooter ever! Never once have I seen or even been known of an ability in a sooner like this where you can rewind time. All that and being able to teleport around the map and cause chaos makes Tracer a really good character.

Mercy Overwatch


Overwatch has brought a few things to me as a first. For an example the fact that people don’t really mind playing the Support characters. One of which is Mercy. She is depicted as a kind of futuristic angel and is an adept healer.

What is pretty refreshing is that playing as a character that is mainly a healer is actually pretty fun. She’s fast, can be very helpful in a match and also gets a lot of respect from other players.

Who are your favourite Overwatch characters? Is there anyone I’m over looking? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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