Far Cry Primal Review

Let’s see how Far Cry’s jump to the stone age has survived in Far Cry Primal.

Looking back at when Far Cry Primal had its long drawn out (but actually exciting and satisfying) release announcement I wasn’t that excited about the game. My mind instantly told me Ubisoft are trying something different, with a different type of environment and story but with the same Far Cry feeling so its not really going to be anything new. How wrong I was… 

The game world is just one that has absolutely nailed by Ubisoft, normally in games like that I get board too fast and just start fast traveling everywhere but with Far Cry Primal even the lack of vehicles do not impact the amount of fun that can be had around the world map. I found myself fast traveling a surprisingly small amount purely because the land of Oros is a pretty lively place.

You can practically guarantee that even if you are making a small trip something will pop up to distract you from your goal. In a game like this I think its a fantastic thing Ubisoft have pulled off, if a game pulls you away from your goal because it temps you with something else you would really like to do I’m all for it.

Far Cry Primal plays brilliantly well, the controls are fluid and easy to pick up just like all the other Far Cry games before it. Graphics have had a lot of tuning up since Far Cry 4, the environments and everything within them just looks so vibrant and stunning. Even a caveman’s face has a certain beauty!

The characters all (though they do not speak any language spoken today to my knowledge and are subtitled) are extremely likeable. Even the main enemies of the game are very well presented, each with their own unique personalities and traits. Every character has had a lot of time spent on them to build them up, even the guy who urinates on you has a great personality!

Far Cry Primal Character

With a game set in the stone age you would predict that with no guns or modern day technology/weapons the game would be quite boring. Quite the opposite surprisingly, fighting people off with a two handed club is quite a lot of fun and the variety of weapons/upgrades available stopped any of the combat getting old. Having to craft weapons also adds to the immersion of the game.

In conclusion Far Cry Primal makes being a caveman in the stone age surprisingly fun. Everything in this game is completely satisfying and the more I played the more I enjoyed and got sucked in. Even the things you would consider grinding like gathering and hunting never seemed to get boring. Pick up this game is you like your action, good storytelling and something slightly new thats also at the same time pretty familiar.

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