Every Pokemon starter ranked

Lets get every Pokemon starter together in one room and pick them like a kid at school assembling a football team!

Its soon to be the 20th anniversary of that famous franchise Pokemon that appeared in the 90s and took over the world. For nearly 20 years Pokemon has had gamers contemplating numerous times which Pokemon starter to pick on each of their Pokemon Master journeys. So with this being one of the biggest decisions of each Pokemon game which is my personal favourite starter from all the main Pokemon games?

19. Chespin


Well someone had to come last and unfortunately for Chespin its him. I personally have nothing against Chespin I just don’t really like its design and I really don’t understand what its meant to be. As it evolves it also doesn’t get much better Chespin, its evolved form just confuses me more and more.

18. Oshawott


Oshawott is another one who’s design who just confuses me, is it a small bear? Is it an otter? Is it a clown? My best bet is an otter but I have no idea why it has a shell. Luckily for Oshawott it just beats Chespin purely because of its final evolved form Samurott which looks like a kick ass sea lion had a good time with a narwhal.

17. Treecko


Theres something about Treecko that just doesn’t appeal to me, I just find this Pokemon really boring nothing stands out that makes me want to like Treecko. It doesn’t with Treecko being its generation grass starter which seems to be the universally accepted boring type.

16. Chimchar


There was a time when a flaming monkey would be one of the on the top of many of my lists but Chimchar really falls short for me. I understand why so many people like him as a starter but just for me he doesn’t meet the grade.

15. Froakie


One of the newer starters, Froakie alone would be further down on list but since I’m assessing all starters as a whole including their evolved forms Greninja really pulls it back. If I want a frog Pokemon I think I’ll stick with the much cooler Politoed.

14. Turtwig


Just look at how tough this little guy is! Throwing dinosaur Pokemon through the air like they are nothing! Unfortunately Turtwig was around when my relationship with Pokemon was on a break or I think I’d like Turtwig way more!

13. Fennekin


Another one of the newer starters that really brought back my liking for starter Pokemon again. Also look at its little face! Its just a pity its cuteness and good design does stick around as Feenekin evolves…

12. Torchic


Torchic unfortunately entered the Pokemon universe as I decided to take a break from the games as a kid. If it wasn’t for that I’m pretty sure Torchic would have been the one I had choose and this Pokemon would be a lot higher on the list.

11. Snivy


I don’t know why I like Snivy this much, maybe its because of its design which is just really cool and for me is quite alike to the design style of the original 150. Plus for being a grass starter its a pretty cool Pokemon!

10. Chikorita


Ah Chikorita, what a fun little grass starter you are! Especially when you evolve into Meganium and just look like you could take on any Pokemon… Except maybe a Charizard…

9. Tepig


Cute little Tepig! This Pokemon is the opposite to most of the ones on this list as I believe Tepig is the better Pokemon compared to its later evolutions. Sure having an Emboar is cool, but I’d much rather have a Tepig!

8. Piplup


Piplup is just one of them Pokemon that ages like a fine wine. Its evolutions just make it cooler and better. Plus as it evolves its stays as what Piplup was from the start, a penguin!

7. Totadile


Totadile was my second starter of choice in the second generation of Pokemon. This little snappy Pokemon could really pack a punch and had a brilliant personality in the anime!

6. Bulbasaur


Good old Bulbasaur, showing that not all grass starters have to be boring. As Bulbasaur evolves and gets stronger it defiantly becomes more badass with Ivysaur and Venusaur.

5. Squirtle


Just look how cool this little turtle is! This guy acted the ‘just deal with it’ meme before we even knew what it was. Aside from all of this Squirtle was a pretty fun Pokemon and is just one of them Pokemon that gets cooler as it evolves!

4. Mudkip


MUD… KIP! Apart from being one of the first memes I can remember annoying the heck out of me, Mudkip is a pretty lovable character. Where does this cute guy come short? With how his evolutions look! Yeah they stay along the same kind of design as him but again like many other starters they just don’t appeal.

3. Pikachu


Pikachu is technically a starter (in Pokemon Yellow to be exact for our younger readers) ands stands alongside Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog as one of the most recognisable characters in gaming. That aside I grew up with this little Pokemon through my childhood its only right this Pokemon was near the top of the list.

2. Charmander


Yeah thats right, Charmander isn’t my number one starter but he comes damn close to top! The main reason this little guy is on most peoples list is purely because of his evolutions and also the anime, both treat Charmander as cute, Charmeleon as an unruly angry teenager and Charizard as a more angry, more bad ass ‘dragon’.

1. Cyndaquil


Cyndaquil was my first ever starter and I’m pretty sure he will always be the first on this list for me. Taking on Pokemon Silver with this guy gives me such a nostalgia hit, thinking back to the dark nights trying to catch light from passing street lamps in the back of a car in a hopeful attempt to see my GameBoy Colour screen. This guy evolves onto become 2 of the best designed and likeable Pokemon Quilava and Typhlosion. Plus Fire Wheel is a brilliant special attack!

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