EA’s E3 Press Conference

With EA’s conference just finished, I thought it would be a good idea to break down all the best bits.

Titanfall 2

Where best to start than with Titanfall 2. With the new Titanfall you can expect to see a single player offline campaign, a feature many people have asked for.

They also showed off some new multi-player gameplay including 6 new titans with many different customization options for your titans.

Your protagonist also has a new weapon in the form a grappling hook, which will make for some new manoeuvres within the game and also some pretty sweet multi-player kills as well.

Titanfall 2 is set for a October 28th release date for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Battlefield 1

EA also showed off their new entry into the Battlefield series in the form of Battlefield 1.

Some of the new features included in the new game include Dynamic weather. A feature which will make each battle unique in their own special ways.

They are also including new vehicle types in the form of behemoth vehicles for both, land, air and sea combat.

They also announced that there will be a open beta test later in the summer, for players to sink their teeth into.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21st for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Fifa 17

The new Fifa 17 was also shown off in this conference showcasing some new features.

Firstly they announced that a story mode is being included within the game, following the career of a rising star for Manchester United.

They also announced that the game is being built on the frostbite engine, which will give the game a fresh lick of paint as well as a better constant frame rate for gamers.

Another announcement made was that EA will now include official premier league managers in the game, including Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho.

Mass Effect Andromada

EA also showed off (slightly) more Mass Effect Andromada in the conference. Emphasising on the exploring factor in the game, seeing new races and species as you go about in the universe.

They also announced that we will find out more information about the game this coming Autumn, just in time for the release in early 2017

Star Wars

Something I was desperate to see was new Star Wars footage and information and they sure did deliver on that front.

Within the announcements, EA showed upcoming Star Wars battlefront DLC in the form of Cloud City including Lando Calrissian as a playable character.

At the same time, they also announced that a new Star Wars Battlefront is coming next year, including much requested features from fans such as content from the new films.

In the trailer you also get a sneak peek of Amy Hennings game, which looked to be set on a Desert planet within the Star Wars Universe.

EA Originals – Fe

Following on from last years announcement of Unravel at EA’s conference, they followed up with a new program EA will be running in the form of EA originals, which is a project set up to go find some upcoming indie games and help promote them giving back all the gained money to the developers.

The first announcement in this project was Fe.

Fe looks to have an influence from Ori in the blind forest. Where you will go round a forest collecting songs, to help communicate with species across the forest including trees and other animals. You are able to traverse the forest in a variety of different ways including platforming and flying.

But those are the major announcements from the EA press conference, let us know in the comments below and on Twitter what you thought about the conference as a whole.

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