What console had the best game cartridges?

In a world where people are inclined to go digital lets look back at some of the best game cartridges!

What is the best console ever has been a controversial subject that all geeks have been subjected to at least more than 5 times before. But what about the media the games come on? This is often something that is overlooked so lets take a dive into a world before digital. Lets dive into the world of the best game cartridges!

There is just something so satisfying about putting a game in an actual console. Even something as minor as a cartridge can give you a good sense of pride, especially when its a rare or old game! But what is the best game cartridge or any other kind of psychical media? There is quite a few things to think of when asking this question, such things as how did the media look and feel? What was the artwork like? These are just a few things that if positive can make a game cartridge great. Lets take a look at some of the best!

Sega MegaDrive

The Sega MegaDrive will always have a place in my heart being the first ever console I played. Well Sega in general have a place in my heart, old Sega anyways…

The cartridge was sleek looking and small compared to its rivals cartridges on the Nintendo Entertainment System. They made the gaming era just feel that bit more futuristic. It was easy to box stick in and take out of the console which is a necessity for any game cartridge really.

Mortal Kombat II Cartridge

Sega stepped its game up just that little bit more with the games case, with each game being held in a VHS style box (if you can remember them) which kept your game more than secure. What was also great was that because the cartridge wasn’t that chunky or fragile even without the box the games would be able to survive a good while.

Mortal Kombat II Box Art
Even the Sega MegaDrives box art was pretty slick, I still get a admittedly large buzz whenever I clamp a game cartridge into the holder in the box. What is great for retro collectors too is that the boxes were build to last!

GameBoy Advance

What was the first thing you saw when you went out to buy a GameBoy Advance game? The amazingly colourful box art! In a time when consoles were moving towards showing more ‘real life’ graphics Nintendo stuck to their guns. The more cartoony graphics route was a nice relief from games that were too series and some of them just looked amazing. Pity about the cardboard mind!

Ever since the release of the GameBoy Advance I have had a real soft spot for the cartridges. I really have no idea why. It may be the simplicity of the design, my thoughts from first seeing it, thinking to myself ‘How can a game fit on something so small?’. Either way I believe the GameBoy Advance cartridges are just completely fit for purpose, plus that little click you hear when you put in the game in a GameBoy SP, so satisfying!

Plus just look at the Pokemon cartridges for GameBoy Advance, they are just beautiful!

Pokemon GBA Cartridges

Nintendo Entertainment System

NES Cartridges

It pains me to admit that the NES has won out to anything Sega with being such a massive fanboy, but the NES cartridges are just an absolutely classic of gaming history. For me I have to say that the NES had the best game cartridges. The shape was something that at the time no one had really seen before, it was unique, now its an all tome classic! Another good thing about the NES cartridges is the size, making them great games to collect. Everyone knows how the NES cartridges looks even some younger people who were never around for it, just goes to show how much of an impact these have had!

Again Nintendo go with the cartoony hand drawn art for the boxes and cartridges but it is just so nice to see!

After looking properly at all these cartridges I miss the day of every game having actual psychical media. The joy of holding something in your hand, reading the box, admiring the art work, flicking through the instructions, something I actually miss. Hopefully proper game media will be around for some time to come!

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