Captain America: Civil War review

The time has finally arrived, lets take a look into the film adaptation of Captain America: Civil War.

Team Cap versus Team IronMan has to be the biggest superhero fight you’ll see all year (well maybe except for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) but did it throw enough punches for a knock out? Or did Dawn of Justice leave it against the ropes? Read on for our spoiler free Captain America: Civil War review below…

*Please note, this review has aimed to be spoiler-free so all can read without worry*

It’s been 2 years since the release of Winter Soldier, one of the greatest Marvel films of all time (my opinion keyboard warriors) and also 5 years since the release of The First Avenger in the Captain America film series. I haven’t watched either for a long time, so was pleased to hear all 3 were playing at an exclusive showing on the 28th April at my local cinema. I roped in a fellow Marvel fan, donned my Captain America t shirt (it sort of felt like I was cheating on Iron Man as I really like him too) and got ready for a night of Chris Evans as the red white and blue dude. It felt good to watch them in order on the big screen, it reminded me just how good the Captain America films are.

Iron Man vs Captain America

I won’t bore you with details of the other films, as there is so much to say about Civil War. (We previously wrote an article about what we expected to see in Civil War, which you can read here)

Most of the characters make their return (with the exception of Thor & The Hulk due to Marvel’s reluctance at being too strong if put on either of the different sides) along with some new faces.

The Avengers are under pressure as a new act from the UN forces the superheroes to be regulated and policed that divides opinion upon them all. Captain America leads one side and Tony Stark on the other. FIGHT!

Captain America and IronMan

Eventually each teams collide and new faces are thrown into the mix such as the new Spiderman (played by Tom Holland), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Ant Man (Paul Rudd). The main fight scene of the movie is so spectacular as you would expect, it’s interesting to see the newcomers and their abilities each punch, kick and special power is done to pure perfection.

Now this is where a problem arises with Civil War. In Winter Soldier, it was really engaging to see the struggle between Bucky and The Cap both in back story and when they fought, as the fight scenes were shot really well and it came together nicely  overall. In Civil War, all the characters with all the different stories going on, feels a little disjointed. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just makes it harder to focus on so much happening, remembering which character is on which side for which reason and what they hope to achieve etc.

Black Widow in Civil War

I was slightly disappointed with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as she is my favourite of all the Avengers, yet, the side she chose to be a part of (it’s difficult trying not to give any spoilers) didn’t really fit with the character I thought I knew in Widow. I almost felt disappointed that she wasn’t her usual ass kicking, quick one liner self. She seemed too serious and it didn’t sit right with me.

Black Panther

A shout out must go to The Black Panther as I wasn’t entirely sure about the character, but thoroughly enjoyed Chadwick’s performance as the regal and mysterious superhero. Chadwick said “You never quite know where he stands. There’s always a bit of concealing and mystery.” Which is how I would describe the way he performed it to a tee. Just in time for his own movie, released next year.

Comparisons of the film have been made to Dawn of Justice, which I can’t help but agree with. They are similar in terms of superheroes fighting against other, there are underlying relationship issues and both seem quite dark. But Civil War has its serious moments balanced with classic Marvel humour (with the help of Ant Man who reminded me a lot of Chris Pratt’s Star Lord character in Guardians of the Galaxy) that’s much needed in an overall more serious tone for Captain America.

SpiderMan in Civil War

I wasn’t particularly fond of Tom Holland’s Spiderman, but was told he is exactly as he appears in the comics. He is a lot younger in both age and mentality – seeming to be at the very beginning stage of discovering what his powers were about (about six months after being bitten he said) but has some comedic moments annoying / helping Tony Stark.

Captain America, Blank Panther and Iron Man

A lot of people would describe Civil War as Avengers 2.5, which I would sort of agree with. The story focuses on Captain America throughout but also gives each character a chunk of show time for their individual stories. Some were left out who I would have liked to have seen (particularly Wolverine and the Fantastic Four) but I understand Marvel had to make choices who should be in or out and after some grumbles about Age of Ultron not being the best (I really enjoyed it) Marvel had a tough job on their hands to please everyone.

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