Capcom Looking Into VR

The gaming buzz words at the moment are Virtual Reality. So sooner or later Capcom were going to join the boat!

With the high anticipation for virtual reality and with the launch drawing ever closer more and more video game companies are exploring their options and looking into the new world of gaming that looks set to change everything. Capcom have announced that they want to explore virtual reality going forward. This is big news for horror fans as Capcom are reportedly looking at their world famous Resident Evil franchise to grace the Virtual Reality world. Capcom have said:

“At present, we are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality game market. In this terrifying world you can twist and turn as you like but there’s no escaping the creatures closing in on you … until you remove your virtual reality headset that is.”

Technically, Resident Evil won’t be Capcom’s first step towards virtual reality gaming. At E3 2015 the company debuted a game called “Kitchen.” The game was received well and now Capcom plans on integrating virtual reality into their upcoming titles.

Earlier this year Resident Evil 2 was announced to be getting a full remake and fans are now hoping for a virtual reality version of the game. Resident Evil 7 could be the first game of the famous horror franchise that Capcom have planned for their launch into virtual reality … I guess we will have to wait along with everyone else until the headsets launch!

Resident Evil VR

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