Capcom Confirms Umbrella Corps Release Date

Capcom have announced a release date for their upcoming third person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe.

Capcom have confirmed that their upcoming title Umbrella Corps, which is set in the Resident Evil universe, will release in May 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The third-person shooter is a digital-only release that supports 1-6 player multiplayer across environments taken from existing Resident Evil games. The game will include various modes including ones “geared towards competitive team battles”, a single-player mode called “The Experiment” which offers 20+ missions to complete and a “coliseum-style horde-like mode” which looks great to play with friends!

Umbrella Corps

The Village from Resident Evil 4 has been redesigned for multiplayer matches that escalate to the rooftops. The Tricell organization from Resident Evil 5 has a newly-imagined HQ ready and waiting for you to roam through. Players must not only face off against the rival mercenary team, but also the stage-specific threats such as the crazed Ganados (Resident Evil 4) and blood-thirsty Cerberus dogs (Resident Evil 5).

More information on additional maps and modes are still to come. We are hoping that an level from the upcoming Resident Evil 2 HD will be included to give us a taster of how it will feel. It would also be cool if something from Resident Evil 3 would appear in glossy HD. Not that we want much …

The game will be available in May 2016 for £30 on PlayStation 4 and PC. The release is digital only. Trailer Below:

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