Can we stop moaning about PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility?

Am I the only one who thinks this way about PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility?

It’s very rare I get annoyed by gaming fans, most of the time we all just want one the one thing, to better gaming as a whole which makes it better for everyone. The thing in business terms is if you want to make something better or you have a service which is better than the old one in someway, you need money to keep it going.

This brings me to the part thats annoying me, for the past week or so all I have seamed to hear from people concerning the PlayStation 4 backward compatibility is something along the lines of ‘This is ridiculous! I already own the disk so why should I have to pay for the game again?!’.

It also very rare I back up a company when it comes to them charging money but here are my reasons why its annoys the heck out of me and I think people saying this is just a load of crap.

  • People asked for this service, they have wanted PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility for months after the new version of the PlayStation 3 came out and couldn’t run the discs.
  • If you own the disc of a PlayStation 2 game that you really like chances are that you already have a PlayStation 2, if you want to experience the raw game without paying more then just play it on the original console.
  • Sony need to try to make at least a little money off the games that you may not be able to buy on disc anymore. Also there is a new younger generation that are playing the PlayStation 4 that never had a PlayStation 2.
  • The PlayStation 4’s hardware has vastly surpass the days of the PlayStation 2 around 10 years ago, this is not going to keep playing older technology unless you would rather the PlayStation 4 take a small dive in its hardware?
  • Now the big reason that these games deserve to be paid for, these games have had work done to them, they have not just been ripped off disc and slapped on PSN. These games have been HD upscaled, given trophy support (which Sony fans have been after for years!) and also have the ability to be played over remote play and share play.

Maybe I’m letting this annoy me far more than it should, I think we should all be happy that PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility is here.

Do you agree with me? Maybe there was something I’ve missed out that means Sony should be offering these games for free? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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