You can now play an NES with a wireless controller

Because some awesome people decided that the NES was not 100% awesome already, but everything is better with a wireless controller

A company called Analogue have been spending sometime developing a way to control the NES with a wireless controller. This sounds like quite a stretch and not only have they managed it, they have smashed it out the park!

The Analogue 8Bitdo x is a wireless adapter which fits into the NES’s controller port allowing you to sync up a wide array of bluetooth controllers including PlayStation 4 and the Wii U Pro Controller.

8bitdo x analogue

You would have thought since the NES is pretty outdated and this kind of thing would not bring the company in a whole lot of money that they would charge a large price, but at the moment the cost of the adapter is $19.99!

Wireless and changeable controllers are one of the main reasons many people turn to things like the RetroN5 console so that they can just more modern and sturdy controllers for their old games. Either way the fact some people have got this working on such old tech is incredible!

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