Better Call Saul Season 2 Review

Better Call Saul Season 2 has wrapped and left us with a lot of questions!

Better Call Saul finished its second season a few weeks ago but I’ve only just got round to finishing it. Being a big fan of Breaking Bad I was a bit judgemental but was won over in the first season. The second season won me over too!


The characters in Better Call Saul, both old and new, all fit perfectly together. It’s odd that the shows B story is just as strong as its A story. Mike’s story is just as compelling as Jimmy’s and while they cross paths sometimes you just know that when their worlds collide the story is going to be perfection. It’s the anticipation of it happening. The fact that Mike is in the world we’re familiar with from Breaking Bad is a reminder of exactly where Jimmy is heading. I even enjoyed the little details such as the picture below. The fact that Saul was relaxing and enjoying himself he still needed his phone nearby just in case. He kept it in a big so that he didn’t ruin it in the water. It was a genius scene.


The plot of season 2 revolved around Jimmy getting his own practice up and running. He showed traces of Saul by doctoring that document for his own advantage. Chuck became the villain but victim of the season by trying to prove that Jimmy was behind it which all came to a head with Jimmy’s confession that was caught on tape! The story managed to keep me gripped! It has such a different feel to Breaking Bad and yet it doesn’t. It’s someone trying to play the system to get his own way. While Jimmy caries out acts of selfishness I couldn’t help but cheer him on. The fact that Mike came across Hector as well was a nice surprise and an indication that his storyline was heating up. Mike was left in a spot of bother in the final episode after failing to take the shot from his sniper, a scene in which I don’t think I took a breath.

- Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC

The actors in this show are some of the best. I would like to think that Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks will clear up this award season. Their acting brings these characters to life and are portrayed so believably that you feel like you know them or could actually meet someone like them. Hats off to Rhea Seehorn as Kim too. She had a big role to play this season leaving HHM and going private with Jimmy and she really stepped up. I particularly enjoyed the scene where she stood up to Chuck.


The setting of the show is familiar due to the show being a spin-off but that’s not a problem. Some familiar faces have shown up but were not crammed in unnecessarily. Hector was introduced flawlessly and Tuco’s presence, while unpredictable, is always welcome. During the first season I was hoping for more Breaking Bad characters to appear but I feel as if there is enough now. Better Call Saul is at the point where it doesn’t need to show old characters to draw in viewers.

- Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC


I particularly enjoyed this second season and I feel that it stepped up a notch. We all know that Jimmy will end up as Saul but the road to that is unknown. However the road is an enjoyable and unpredictable one. Every aspect of the show excels and Better Cal Saul has really stepped out of the monstrous shadow of Breaking Bad. As the mother show did, I feel that this show will only keep getting better and come to an explosive final season. However, I don’t want that to be anytime soon. I’m enjoying the ride and don’t want there to be an end in sight. Simply amazing!

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