Bethesda releasing new bluetooth Pip-Boy

After everyone going mad for the first Pip-Boy edition, here comes another!

Remember when everyone went crazy for the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition and we tried like mad to get hold of one then we got disappointed at how low quality it was? Yeah this just feels like salt in the wound…

Bethesda have just announced that a new Fallout 4 Pip-boy. This time its basically a full on Pip-boy, screen, speakers, cosplay mode, the lot! You can pair it to your phone if you want so you can make and take calls, send sms, etc. Although this time it can be completely stand alone, it has its own screen and software so that you can use it as a full Pip-Boy to interact with the game. The base even acts as a charge dock! Buttons and knobs that we so hope worked on the original now fully work on this to actually control the unit.

I want to be really hyped about this but I feel this is the one that we all should have got in the first place. A lot of fans went out of their way to get their hands on the original Pip-Boy edition in the first month of the Fallout 4 release, now this feels for naught. I personally believe that even the RRP for the original Pip-Boy edition was quite pricy. This Pip-Boy will set you back $350, and this does not even include the actual game. The release is set to be 15th December 2016.

UPDATE: You can preorder this item in the UK from GameStop for £279.99.

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