Best mobile games for that long commute

Either you have a long commute daily or just have 5 minutes spare every so often, these best mobile games are for you!

With smartphone gaming being what it is now there is no reason that you should miss out on precious gaming time when you have a few minutes to yourself. There are some games out there that can be picked up and ready to go when ever you need to waste some time. Here are some of my best mobile games!

Combo Quest

Combo Quest

If you are a massive fan of rhythm/reaction games like I am, Combo Quest is the mobile game for you!

The gameplay is simple, tap your screen when the pointer scrolls over the yellow bars to hit the enemy. Hit the red bars to block attacks. Although this kind of gameplay seems really simple this game is actually pretty relentless, with me not able to even get past level 20!

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Ever wanted to be Overseer in your own Vault from the Fallout universe? Then Fallout Shelter is one for you!

This game is basically your standard resource waiting game but what makes it so addictive is that the waiting time isn’t that long! Your job is to make sure that all your Vault dwellers have electric, food and water while earning caps and experience so you can buy more rooms to outfit your vault. What is nice about this one is that you don’t really have to splurge any money on the game to fully enjoy it!

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story Screenshot

If you are like me and you are interesting in simulators, all the different stages in game development and can’t code video games (also like me) then Game Dev Story is for you!

A nice game where you start off as a small game developer company with a tiny office and a few developers working for you. The aim is a simple one, create as many games as possible of many genres and hope that people buy you game. There is actually a lot more to it than that, you can also train your developers up till you eventually can make your own games console! The games timeline starts from the early time of games and work through history spotting the games consoles to develop for and staying away from others.

Pac-Man 256

Pacman 256 Screenshot

Pac-Man has always been a favourite of mine, well the original game at least! But then Pac-Man 256 came along to give us some new pellet popping goodness.

Based on the glitch that happens on the original Pac-Man arcade game where if you reach level 256 this causes an in game variable to fail and all hell breaks loose. It plays just like you would expect a Pac-Man game to play, although this time you have items, different ghosts and also a storm of glitches heading your way. The aim is last as long as you can while trying to get your score up!

What games do you play when you have a long commute? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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