Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice review

After a long wait its finally here, check out how good the movie is in our spoiler free Batman V Superman review.

Superhero crossover films are usually a guaranteed hit with audiences all over just get 2 popular superhero movies mash them together nicely and POW! We have another hit on our hands. Everyone loves both said films individually so surely they’ll love them mashed together right?

Well… not all superhero crossovers will please the masses. Critics have been very harsh reviewing Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and I have no idea why. It’s such a glorious film to watch regardless of what the haters have had to say. My advice? Go see it. Make up your own mind and hopefully, you’ll appreciate the film for what it is.

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This isn’t marvellous…

Firstly, let’s get this out the way. If you’re wanting Marvel’s recent style of movies with quick witted one liners, blasts of action broken up with comedic moments then I have to say: this is DC. It isn’t for the masses or to please everyone and it’s not trying to be like Marvel. The film is dark, brooding and will inject real emotion from audiences not just a romp of action and clever quips to thinly veil they want to be liked. And liked by all for that matter. No, DC is much cleverer than that, it can deliver an experience for what it is, expanding on stories of individual characters and moving forward to combat new threats.


I will try to ensure there are no spoilers in this review, though if you have seen the trailer for BVSDOJ, then you probably have seen what the film is about. The film starts where Man of Steel had ended, the aftermath in Metropolis, with Superman fighting General Zod but also causing havoc along the way. This is told through Batman’s view, seeing the devastation and loss of life caused by the man in the red cape. It ignites a hatred inside Bruce and making him lean towards thinking old Superdude is trouble for mankind and needs to be eliminated.

Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is up to no good (surprise surprise) hatching a plan to pit both Superman and Batman against one another further and take over with his wrong doings.

I have to point out, a hell of a lot is going on in BVSDOJ. This might be why critics are slating it as the plot is a little all over the place and can confusing that everything is happening at once. Batman is hating on Superman, Lex is stirring the pot, Lois Lane (played by the wonderful Amy Adams) is somehow involved as are political issues surrounding the issue of Superman, is he good or bad? And furthermore, is Batman good or bad? Wonder Woman is slyly introduced and even giving audiences a glimpse of The Flash, AquaMan and Cyborg …But it’s all needed. It works. All these plot elements reflect that is going on in the DC universe – humankind are uncertain of Superman even after the two recent films, he could be a huge threat to life. Batman is right to question this, etc etc. My point being, yes a lot is happening, but its right to. It takes the battle of the two famous superheroes and throws in all the stuff that will likely follow with it. Managing to create a climatic ending with ongoing conflict isn’t easy, so Zack Snyder has done a good job of it.

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Acting out

One gripe I do have is with the actor playing Lex Luthor. Cavill and especially Affleck are both really suited to their characters, both powerful flexing their muscles, convincing as both alter egos but Esienberg’s acting often feels forced, giving me the sense that I’d seen this eccentric, verging on the edge of insanity style of character as in Heath Ledger’s Joker. Though, not as good by a long shot. His speeches are erratic, but not clever. The deliverance is hard to understand ramblings that didn’t sit well with what I wanted from Lex.

I will admit the film is a little long, it could be cut down in places especially certain scenes at the beginning of the movie, and comparisons are being made to Captain America: Civil War. I know the story behind both and can say they are similar in the sense that the films are both about the clash of ideologies of two powerful superheroes and in both films, at least one of the two is a billionaire. Further comments cannot be made as CA:CW isn’t out yet, though I do want to say BVS:DOJ is a strong contender of the two, despite what some may say.

Womder Woman in action

Here is the best part of BVSDOJ -Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). She plays a small part in the film, but with the small screen time allowed, she makes a massive impact. Straight away, Gadot has a power over the role that it deserves (again, great casting) such as one scene purring away at Bruce Wayne, wearing a fabulous glitzy dress and looking like Wonder Woman should – a beautiful and powerful Amazonian woman stealing the limelight but complimenting her fellow actors. It has to be said, the music accompanying her action scenes is fantastic, blasting guitar riffs are a great way to show, Wonder Woman is back. We are so stoked to see her own movie, out soon.

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