Are Nintendo giving up the disk?

Is the Wii U going to be the last Nintendo Disk system?

Nintendo have normally always been one for being behind with the times when it comes to game storage media such as their addiction to cartridges when all the consoles were moving to disk based (don’t get us wrong, we love a good cart to blow in). Could Nintendo be jumping the current most used game storage format for something new or even something old?

A patent filed by Nintendo was filed in February this year which looks like it is designed for a new games console which interestingly does not have an optical disk drive. Could this be the fabled Nintendo NX which is coming to revolutionise gaming in a totally different way, with rumours of totally seamless portable to home console play? Or could this be another one of Nintendo’s ‘stab in the dark’ projects that are some board members wild brainstorming session (much like the whole Nintendo emotion project that has been floating about)? With the patent original filed in Feburary (viewable to the public on the 20th August) there is a chance that this could be the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo Diskless Patent

If Nintendo are abolishing the disk from this new console, what do they have in mind? Are we going to be seeing Nintendo DS style cartridges with a lot more memory on them or are we going to see something totally new? Could our worst fears be imagined and are Nintendo going overkill with their new liking for digital download gaming and just removing the need for physical game storage at all?

So many questions being raised about this new Nintendo console, and Nintendo are doing what Nintendo do best, they are keeping their lips firmly shut. We will defiantly be keeping our eye on any Nintendo hardware news, especially now is seems to be getting very exciting!

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