How to access different region games on your Nintendo Switch

Turns out view the Nintendo Switch eShop on a different region is easy!

If like me you’ve got Nintendo Switch itch and you want to expand your game library to something a bit more than the drip that is the UK launch games, look no further!

In a great move, the Nintendo Switch is multi-regional! In basic terms this means that your console, regardless of what country you may have bought it from will play any game from anywhere in the world, even digital downloads!

For example, I am a huge Disgaea fan, and to wait to late May for the english version was unacceptable! It was by this time I started digging to see how possible it was to play and if it even was in english. I found out that once I had gone through the steps below and downloaded the game to my Switch the game was instantly in english! Subtitles, audio, the lot! I didn’t even have to change any settings!

Want to try it out? I tried it out to see how easy it is to purchase games from another region and man its easy! Check out below for a nice and easy steps of what to do.

  1. Create a new Nintendo Account – Unfortunately yes, you need to create a new account, there is no way at the moment to switch your current Nintendo account, unless you want to loose all your past purchases! But this is easy to do, simply make a new account and set the country of the account to which ever eShop you want to access, such as Japan or America. Once you finished account creation and verified your new account its time to move on!
  2. Sign into your new account on your Switch – Time to grab your Switch and add a new account, linking your new account that you have just created to the new account added on your Switch. When you now use this account to view the eShop you can view that region’s eShop!
  3. Get some Nintendo eShop credit for that region – This is the only tricky bit, in order to purchase from that store you will need credit for that region’s currency. For example to make a purchase on the Japanese eShop you will need to use a Japanese eShop voucher. These can be purchased from a number of places but personally I prefer Play Asia. These guys have near instant delivery via email (for me anyways) and they are pretty reasonably priced.
  4. Claim your voucher using the specific region’s eShop using the switch – This is pretty easy to do, just go on the eShop and input your code to claim the credit.
  5. Download an play! – Now its time to pick a game! Just pick the one you want and get downloading. One thing to take of note, make sure that if you are buying from a eShop that uses a different language that you double check the game is in english (unless you are not too bothered).

There you have it! A nice easy way to get content from other eShops! One thing to keep in mind is that although any account you use you can play a game from a different region, you will have to use the correct region account to play DLC for that game


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