5 things we want from the Nintendo NX

The Nintendo NX is coming, here are the 5 things we want!

So with the Nintendo NX due out by the end of the year we thought it would be a good idea to gather our thoughts and list the top 5 features we want/need from the new Nintendo system.

A proper unified Nintendo account system.

Ever since the days of the Nintendo Wii and original 3DS, this feature has been requested. The fact that every time Nintendo adds a Virtual Console system to the devices, as Nintendo fans, we have to go buy the title again. Now is the perfect time for the Nintendo to address this problem and follow Sony with their cross buy system. There’s only so many times a Nintendo fan will buy copious amount of copies of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Network

True online functionality.

The Nintendo NX has finally got to be the system to take Nintendo into the 21st century of online functionality. Nintendo fans are desperate to connect to one another and chat but there’s no easy way to do this. Too long have Nintendo relied on the old school friend code system of adding friends to your account. Now is the time to add the ability to search for friends and just add them. Not only that but we need chat enabled properly as well. No one should have to rely on a Google hangouts or a Skype call to chat locally while playing games with your friends.

A handheld/home console in one.   

It would be pretty cool for Nintendo to unify their gaming consoles. Clearly the Wii U hasn’t done so well in sales department, but the 3DS continues to sell really well – into the 50 millions worldwide even. It would be a great idea to combine the two to make the ultimate gaming machine. Imagine a world where you could take a true Legend of Zelda game on the go and when you arrive back home, you can continue where you left off. No other console manufacturer can make games anywhere near the quality of Nintendo and to have them on the go would be truly magical.


A traditional controller setup.

I think we all can agree that the the Wii U’s gamepad was a failure. Nintendo tried to bring a new way to play games just like they did with the Wii’s motion controls but failed. So it’s about time they bring the controller back to traditional standards of normal positioned buttons and not a touch screen that takes up more room than your table mat. Yes keep the touch screen in there since the DS proved that it’s a necessary feature for Nintendo systems, but there’s no need for it to be so big. Oh and for goodness sake make it multi-touch.


Games. Many, many games.

This may sound obvious but just look at the Wii U’s game library. How many of those are third party titles, less than 50 I’d say and that’s just not acceptable. A user should be able to choose where they play their games and the Nintendo NX should be the number one place to go to. Like the 80s/early 90s, Nintendo systems were the go to consoles to play all your games, but just look at it now. Nintendo has become an afterthought, where it should be the opposite way round. Nintendo systems should be the first place you think of to play games, so please Nintendo bring back the good old days, people will love you for it.


Honorable Nintendo NX mentions

Trophy/achievement system.

It’s clear Microsoft was onto a winner when they brought achievements to the Xbox 360 and it’s time for Nintendo to join in on this too. A user should feel rewarded when they finish a boss in Legend of Zelda and a trophy would be the right way show this. Known Nintendo they could get very creative with this if they are just given the chance.

Achievement unlcoked

Discless system

A discless system would be a pretty interesting feature. Relying on external storage such as an SD card would be valuable for digital downloaders. Apple has shown that it is an easy and cheap solution to store games and Nintendo should really follow suit. Plus with the patent that showed up on our radar a few months ago this may become a reality!

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