The 5 stages of playing Pokemon Go

With Pokemon Go taking the world by storm, these seem to be the stages I’ve gone through while getting addicted to the game!

Its pretty clear that Pokemon Go has got the world into a mad walking frenzy and these stages seem the be what I have come across so far!

Downloading the Pokemon Go app on your mobile before its released in the UK

Thats right, its time to start your Pokemon journey, for probably the 101st time. Its your chance to be the very best and catch them all. This time its different though, your Pokemon are always with you (as long as you have your phone) and wild ones are always around you, the excitement is real!

Pokemon Ash


Catching your first Pokemon

Fantastic! You caught your first Pokemon! You must feel great! But its only a matter of time before you transfer it because you need more Pokemon candy or just gets forgotten about because its low powered as hell? Regardless you never forget your first and you will for sure love this one for ever and ever.

Misty Love

Venturing out in the wild and guessing which of the people who are glued to their phone are playing Pokemon Go

Are they playing Pokemon Go? They look like they are playing it. They must be playing it. Oh wow someone set up a Lure Module! Lets follow them, they must know where the good Pokemon are…

Pokemon Group

Complaining when the servers are down when the main reason is we are hammering servers that are not ready for UK players yet

‘Damn the servers are down again?! This game is arse! I’m going to leave a bad review when its released!’ Says the gamer that doesn’t realise we should even really be playing this game yet and that we are all bringing the performance down for plays who actually have access to the game.

Brock Crying

When you are Pokemon Go-ing so hard that your battery dies and you start getting withdrawl symptoms

‘Calm down, its just a game, I’ve only been playing it a few days, I don’t need it in my life… Oh god think of all this wasted walking I’m doing without the distance being added to my egg!’

Pokemon Pikachu Worried


When you try to win your first Gym battle but don’t have a clue what to do

Why the hell didn’t the game tell me how to play properly before I entered the Gym?! Now my CP 700 Pidgeot just got its arse handed to it by this 400 CP Hypno because I didn’t know what to do!

Pokemon No Idea

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