5 original PlayStation games that would be great for the Vita

It would me amazing if Sony could bring these PSOne games to the PlayStation Vita!

Now that the PlayStation Vita is ending its lifecycle here is hoping that Sony would want to bring such things as more PlayStation games (or classics as they like to call them) to potentially get some money for old rope for their upcoming projects. With people begging for more original PlayStation games to come to the Vita and also the already small list available (unless you’re a Final Fantasy fan) here is hoping that games like these will make it onto Sony’s list!

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Case

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 was made when skating was of high interest to kids of the 90s, for kids like me who struggle to stay balanced on 2 feet never mind 4 wheels! The game is basically a skater simulator which makes it sound boring, but the game is one of the funnest games for the original PlayStation.

Many many hours I spent as a kid playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. Going through each level, trying to get each challenge while at the same trying to trying to get my stats up as high as possible.

This game would be great for the PlayStation Vita, it comes across as a easy going pick up and play title. The controls would work pretty well also since its nothing really complex, you could pull off your Melon 720 like the good old days!

Plus it would help wash out the taste of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 and the horrible HD remakes…

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile

Sure I understand that Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth was on PSP but we don’t have a port of that for Vita so just bring us the original for PlayStation! We didn’t even get it in the UK when it originally came out!

This game is one of the best RPGs of all time in my opinion, the best way to describe it is an old style RPG with a few things different. For example the battles are turn based but each character has a particular combo depending on what weapon is equipped and each button is used to control each member of the party.

Leveling up is also pretty unique that you don’t just assign numbers to something like ‘Attack’, you assign them to personality traits which in turn makes them better in battles.

The aim of the game is to explore the land, find lost souls, level them up, understand their back story, make them a better person and use them for the final boss fight.

There are not many games I would want so badly to be on the Vita but this is one of them! Any RPG fan should give this a go at least once.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

So this game is currently on PSN in the USA but for some reason it looks like we don’t get to play it! Dino Crisis is one of the classics of the PlayStation One library so its kinda sad that we don’t get to play

As much as dinosaurs are cool, shooting them with guns while at the same time being worried that a Velociraptor is going to jump you is pretty cool too. A survival horror game by Capcom with quite a decent story, think Resident Evil but with dinosaurs!

Normally I wouldn’t think a horror game like this would work very well one the Vita but playing the Resident Evil games on the go is still pretty immersive and fun so I’m Dino Crisis would also work really well.

Evo’s Space Adventures

Evos Space Adventures

Theres probably a lot of people out there that have never played this game. Heck I bet theres people out there that have never heard of Evo’s Space Adventures! So let me clue you in on this amazing and very unappreciated  game.

This game original released on the Nintendo 64 known under the name ‘Space Station Silicon Valley’ and was later ported onto the PlayStation. You play as Evo, a microchip that is able to attach itself and control robotic animals. The aim is to find all of your power cells by using these robo animals to fulfil different puzzles. Each animal has a different kind of ability so you need to really think to get get through the levels.

Sure the game has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Yeah the game doesn’t have the best looks graphics and it didn’t really make a massive impact on the PlayStation scene. But the game is pretty fun to play with quite a bit of unique game mechanics for its time.

Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles

Star Wars Jedi Power Battles

One of the harder gems of the PlayStation games library. Don’t underestimate this game just because it is a Star Wars one, and even more so with it being Episode I!

The game is set during Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace where you can control 5 different Jedi from that time and lightsaber your way through countless droids while also being able to use The Force to aid you.

It is just pretty fun to sit back and play this game. Sometime it can be pretty difficult with bosses and awkward platforming but the game still really enjoyable

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