5 Nintendo NX titles we would love to see at launch

E3 is just around the corner and even though the Nintendo NX isn’t going to make a show, that’s not going to stop GeekPress dreaming of its’ launch titles!

With E3 around the corner and the rumblings of new consoles I thought it would be a good idea to the list 5 Nintendo NX I’d like to see.

Legend of Zelda Nintendo NX

Where else could we start but with a new Legend Of Zelda game. When the NX does launch it will of been 6 years since Skyward sword and for any fan of Nintendo and Zelda that is too long. So to start with a Zelda game would be perfect as you’re always guaranteed to get an excellent one.

Legend of Zelda NX

Wario Ware NX

Although it’s not the first game you would think of when a Nintendo system comes to mind, a Wario Ware game at launch is a must. Not because it has a stellar story or the like, it’s due to the fact that it’s a game that is guaranteed to show a thorough use of the systems’ capabilities. I  will never forgot the day I bought my DS on launch day. I decided to go with Wario Ware for a launch title, having never played a game in the series before. From that day whenever I have bought a new Nintendo system, I have checked to see if a Wario Ware game has been released for it.

Wario Ware

Super Mario 3D Platformer

A new Super Mario 3D platformer is a must. When it comes to a new console launch, you always need a your head mascot leading the way and with Nintendo that is Mario. Now when it comes to Mario games you have a variety of different options, such as a 2D platformer, a 3D platformer or even spin offs such as Mario Kart. It’s been 6 years since Mario Galaxy 2 and because of this, Nintendo owe their die hard fans a true new 3D platformer to sink their teeth into.

Maro Galaxy

Metroid Prime NX

How long has it been since the last Metroid Prime game? Too long, that’s the answer! So what better time to release a new game in the series then at the launch of the Nintendo NX. Nintendo only has Metroid Prime as their first person shooter, so the NX seems like the best opportunity to show off all the potential the NX has to first person shooter fans.

Metroid Prime

Your previously bought Virtual Console games

Now this may sound like a cheat saying that your previously bought virtual console games should be launch titles, but imagine the impression this would send to all the Nintendo fans out there. Knowing from day one that your previously bought games are available to play would be an awesome feeling. It is also a feature that Nintendo should have implemented a long time ago and so having all those game at day one will show Nintendo have finally upped their game and are ready to battle with the big leagues, such as Microsoft and Sony, in this new generation of consoles.

Virtual Console Zelda

But those are just my opinions on what I think the Nintendo NX launch titles should be, let us know in the comments down below or on Twitter what you think they should be.

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