2 new PlayStation 2 classics have sneakily appeared

It looks like Sony have slipped some PlayStation 2 classics on the store!

It’s been a while since Sony placed any new PlayStation 2 classics on the store for PlayStation 4 but looking at the online store it seems they have sneakily pushed out some new classics.

Manhunt is one of the games from the good old days of gaming that is now on the PlayStation 4. Quite a nice little pick by Sony that I didn’t expect with how much controversy the game had in the past.

Manhunt PSN

The second game is Canis Canem Edit also known as Bully since the name got changed for Europe. Another Rockstar game that back in the day was a blast to play.

Canis Canem Edit PSN

Each game is selling for £11.99 on the PSN store, currently these games are not listed on the PlayStation 4 store front but expect to see them listed any time soon.

Its good to see that Sony are keeping up with their promise of a constant stream of PlayStation 2 classics and they defiantly seem to be picking the games people want!

What games do you want to see make Sony’s list of PlayStation 2 classics? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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